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Straight from Syria


Alsham Delights is a family business where the pastry chefs use recipes that are handed down by the family from generation to generation for centuries.

Food is an important part of the Syrian culture and they wanted to share their traditional family recipes in the Netherlands. On July 29, 2017, Alsham Delights opened her doors in the heart of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.


Presentation is therefore very important for Syrians and that is not surprising if you look at the sweets of Alsham Delights with a detailed look. Thin layers of filo pastry, the most green pistachio nuts, round angel hair, in short all delicate products that make the most refined sweets into works of art that also taste delicious.

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At Alsham Delights we want our customers to taste the unique taste of Syria by using authentic family recipes and the best ingredients. Only the best ingredients are used to make the most sophisticated delights that will make you want more.

Everything is freshly prepared daily in the bakery in the store the way it is made in Syria, so you have the most authentic and fresh delights to taste. Our sweets are less sweet than you are used to, because with most sweets, we leave the nuts in the most complete form. Because of this we do not have to add a lot of sugar water and you therefore taste the pure taste of the ingredients.


Door het coronavirus en drukte kan het zijn dat uw bestelling iets later aankomt dan u van ons gewend bent.